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Keyboard Shortcuts

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Switch the OS dropdown on the right sidebar to see the specific keyboard shortcuts according to your OS. Keyboard shortcuts help you navigate Slack with minimal effort. You can see a quick list of shortcuts by pressing ⌘/ (Mac) and Ctrl/ (Windows/Linux) or take a look at the detailed lists below.

Keyboard shortcuts in List Style

Note: You can’t set custom keyboard shortcuts for Slack, but we may add this in the future. For now, use the shortcut above to see a quick list.

  • Align right – click Align right or use the shortcut CtrlShiftK ShiftK
  • Align left – click Align left or use Alt A A
  • Align top – click Align top or use  Alt W W
  • Align bottom – click Align bottom or use Alt S S
  • Align center – click Align center or use [conditional_data dependency=’windows’] ctrl D [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=’ios’] ⌘ D [/conditional_data]
  • Align middle – click Align middle or use Alt Y Y
ActionShortcut Key
Previous unread channel or DM[conditional_data dependency=’windows’] ctrl D [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=’ios’] D [/conditional_data]
Jump to a conversation[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl k [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] k [/conditional_data]
Move focus to the previous section[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] shift F6 [/conditional_data]
Browse direct messages
[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl shift k [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] shift k [/conditional_data]
Browse channels[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl shift L [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] shift L [/conditional_data]
Compose a new message[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl N [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] N [/conditional_data]
Open the Threads view**[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl shift T [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] shift T [/conditional_data]
Previous channel or DM visited[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl ] [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] ] [/conditional_data]
Collapse or open the left sidebar[conditional_data dependency=”windows”] ctrl shift . [/conditional_data] [conditional_data dependency=”ios”] shift . [/conditional_data]

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